Speed and Acceleration


Oliver Hyman and Jackie Christoffel

Area: Physical Sciences

 Grade Level: 8-9  


This lesson gives an introduction to speed, velocity, and acceleration. It includes a powerpoint that explains the differences between these measures of motion and detailed explanations of how to calculate each as well as how to construct and interpret distance vs. time and speed vs. time graphs. Along with the lecture there is a worksheet in which students have to use their newly acquired knowledge and graphing skills to solve a murder mystery.



SCIENCE STANDARDS:Strand 5: Physical scienceConcept 2:Motion and Forces                        PO 1: Students will learn what velocity is and how to calculate it.

                        PO 5: Students learn to construct and interpret distance and velocity vs. time graphs.

Students will also gain problem solving skills, graphing skills, and the ability to apply their knowledge to a “real life” situation.


 Keywords: speed, velocity, acceleration, distance vs. time graphs, speed vs. time graphs, graphing, grades 8-9 

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 Lesson Plan (pdf / doc)
 Speed_and_Acceleration (ppt)
 Speed_and_Acceleration-CSI_worksheet1 (pdf/doc)
 Speed_and_Acceleration-CSI_worksheet_-_KEY (pdf / doc)