The ANTZ go marching!

Author: Stephanie Meridith &

Melinda Stanley (Dysart School District)

Area: Life Sciences

Grade Level: 7,8


This lesson plan is designed to give students an opportunity to perform an inquiry-based investigation of their choosing as a way to familiarize them with all aspects of scientific inquiry. Teachers can guide students’ investigations toward life science topics that are to be covered during the year if so desired, so that these projects can also fulfill life science performance objectives, and to give students opportunities to present the results of their work as part of the life sciences curriculum.

Keywords: life sciences, food web, adaptation, ecology, ants, naturalistic observation, scientific method, ecosystem, diversity, adaptation, behavior

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Overview (pdf/doc)
Lesson Plan (pdf/doc)
Assessment Overview (pdf/doc)
Preassessment (pdf/doc)
Preassessment 2 (pdf/doc)
PostAssessment Rubric (pdf/doc)