Lesson: Data Habits


Area: General Science

Grade Level: 4-8




1. Students will develop data acquisition skills, such as the need for accuracy and consistent methods when multiple investigators are involved in the project.
2. Students will quantify their descriptive data.

Background knowledge:

Students should be able to use the metric system and calculate percentages (or they could learn these skills during this lesson). This activity is based on Ecology Explorers vegetation protocol.


Science as Inquiry
1SC-F4 Define relationships among parts of a familiar system
1SC-E3 Organize and present data gathered from their own experiences, using appropriate mathematical concepts, analyses and graphical representations.
Life Sciences
4SC-F4 Identify characteristics of plants and animals that allow them to life in specific environments
4SC-E7 Explain and model the interaction and interdependence of living and non-living components of ecosystems, including the adaptations of plants and animals to their environment
Data Analysis and Probability
2M-F1, 2M-E1, 2M-P1: PO1,2,3
Collect, organize, and analyze data; interpret tables, charts, graphs, construct histograms,
line graphs, circle graphs, draw inferences from collections of data from real-world situations

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