Lesson: Dissolving Gobstoppers

Author: Jessica Wann, Adapted from an activity created by Jim Hartman, Athey Creek Middle School

Area: General Science

Grade Level: 5-7


This activity allows students to incorporate the ideas of testable questions, variables, and hypotheses to design and perform their own experiments using Gobstoppers.




Arizona State Science Standards: Grades 4-8
Science As Inquiry
PO 1. Distinguish between a question and a hypothesis
PO 2. Describe the functions of variables in an investigation
PO 1. Organize gathered data into an appropriate format
PO 2. Construct a representation of data (e.g., bar graph, line
graph, frequency table, Venn diagram)
PO 1. Identify questions from previous investigations
PO 2. Refine questions from previous investigations
History and Nature of Science
PO 1. Describe a variety of ways scientists generate ideas
PO 1. Explain the role of a hypothesis in scientific inquiry
PO 2. Explain the role of experimentation in scientific inquiry

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