Warming up or cooling down

Eric Turner
Grade Level: 
National Science Education Standards: 
•Abilities of technological design •Understanding about science and technology
Arizona State Science Education Standards: 
• 1SC-E1: Observations, Questions, and Hypotheses - Formulate predictions, questions, or hypotheses based on observations. Locate appropriate resources. • 1SC-E2: Scientific Testing (Investigating and Modeling) - Design and conduct controlled investigations. • 1SC-E3: Analysis and Conclusions - Analyze and interpret data to explain correlations and results; formulate new questions. • 1SC-E4: Communication - Communicate results of investigations. • 2SC-E1: History of Science as a Human Endeavor - Identify individual, cultural, and technological contributions to scientific knowledge. • 3SC-E1: Science and Technology in Society - Develop viable solutions to a need or problem • 5SC-E1: Properties and Changes of Properties in Matter - Understand physical and chemical properties of matter
This lab will get students thinking about exothermic and endothermic reactions by student lead designing of experiments to test a large variety of substances to fit a specific application. They will also explore the properties of a commercially available hand warme

1. Nitrile or Latex gloves should be worn
a. Chemicals are not highly toxic, but must be treated with respect
2. Goggles should be worn
3. Aprons are optional

• One 70-minute class
o Depending on the amount of student led exploration allowed, can be extended to two classes

Endothermic, Exothermic, Reaction
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