Saving Lives with Solubility

Derek Overstreet
Grade Level: 
Arizona State Science Education Standards: 
Arizona 8th Grade Science Standards: • S1C1: Observations, Questions, and Hypotheses (PO 1, 3) • S1C2: Scientific Testing (PO 1,3,4,5) • S1C3: Analysis and Conclusions (PO 1,3,5) • S2C2: Nature of Scientific Knowledge (PO 1,2,3,4) • S3C2: Science and Technology in Society (PO 1,2,3) • S5C1: Properties and Changes of Properties in Matter (PO 2,4,5,6,7)
This lesson is intended to integrate basic physical science and chemistry principles with the National Academy of Engineering's Grand Challenges; specifically, engineering better medicines.

Students will learn and apply fundamental physical science principles to design a carrier for a hydrophobic drug. Additionally, students will be introduced to the applications of controlling solubility in everyday items including medicine, food, and cosmetics. Concepts illustrated to students in these activities include solubility, surface tension, phase change, phase separation, the engineering design process, and polar vs. nonpolar compounds.

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