GPS Geo-Caching, Mapping and Physical Modeling

Byron Lahey
Grade Level: 
Arizona State Science Education Standards: 
Strand 2: History and Nature of Science Concept 1 (PO 2-4) Strand 3: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives Concept 1 (PO 1-2) Strand 4: Life Science Concept 3 Strand 6: Earth and Space Science Concept 1 (PO 3) Concept 2 (PO 3,6)
This lesson introduces GPS technology through a series of hands on activities. These activities are scaffolded by group discussions and a presentation. The first activity is a geo-caching exercise that requires a variety of navigation and problem solving skills. Each geo-cache presents a question or fact about GPS technology and its uses. The second activity uses Google Maps to reinforce the lessons learned in the geo-caching activity and to solidify the students understanding of the latitude-longitude coordinate system. The final activity requires students to physically model the relationship of GPS receivers and satellites in an attempt to answer the question of how many satellites a receiver must connect with to fix its 3D position.
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