Genes and Choices

 Author: Esther Ellsworth

AreaScience and Society 

 Grade Level: 9-12



The science of genetics has helped to produce biotechnology. Many of these technologies are controversial: it is not clear when and where people should use them, if at all. Students will use case studies to discuss and examine the science and reason behind gene controversies. This lesson will take a minimum of one class session to complete.



History & Nature of Science:
2SC-E2: Describe how science & technology are interrelated.
2SC-P3: Explain the impact on society of major scientific developments.

Personal & Social Perspectives in Science & Technology:
3SC-E3: Identify a specific need and propose a solution/product that addresses this need.
3SC-E4: Implement a proposed solution or design and evaluate its merit.
3SC-P3: Compare and contrast the goals of science and technology.

Life Science:
4SC-E6: Describe the roles of genes in heredity.
4SC-P2: Describe the molecular basis of heredity (DNA, genes, chromosomes, mutations).




 Lesson Plan (pdf / doc)
 Scenario 1  (pdf / doc)
 Scenario 2  (pdf / doc)
 Scenario 3  (pdf / doc)
 Worksheet  (pdf / doc)