FAQ Section

  • How do I become a participating teacher?

We accept letters of interest from teachers and school district officials in the spring.

  • What type of support letters are required?

A letter of support from your administrator is essential. That letter should demonstrate a willingness to provide financial commitment on the part of the school district that amounts to approximately $2500. All district provided funds are used to provide materials for the teacher and fund two release days (one each semester) so the teacher can attend full day workshops for the teachers and fellows.

  • Where is the application? When is it available? What is the deadline for the application?

The application will be made available in the spring of the school year for participation in the following school year. You may send a message of inquiry to Dr. B. Ramakrishna (ramakr@mainex1.asu.edu) or Dr. Jan Snyder (jan.snyder@asu.edu) to request information on the application process.

  • Is there a stipend for participating teachers? Do districts/schools need to pay the graduate fellows? What is the monetary commitment for the district/school?

Teachers receive a stipend for their participation. The graduate fellows are paid for their participation through the supporting National Science Foundation grant. School districts do not financially support the fellows.

Districts are asked to provide approximately $2500 to support the teacher in terms of materials and two days of professional release so they can attend the two, one-day, workshops (one each semester).

  • How do I become a graduate fellow? how much time is required?

Applications for graduate fellows are accepted near the mid point of the spring semester for participation during the following school year. They must agree to attend a two-week training workshop provided in June—in the early part of their one-year assignment.Fellows are expected to spend a minimum of 15 hours per week with their teacher partner and her/his class. They also will enroll in a three-hour seminar that meets once a week during the fall semester and the one-day workshops with their teacher-partners.

They must also participate in a one-hour semester seminar in the spring semester of their year assignment

  • When will training take place for fellows? For teachers?

See above

  • When will schools be notified about the placement of a graduate fellow?

Partnering of teachers and fellows takes place during the June training workshop. The graduate fellows participate for the full three weeks while the teachers join them during the final week. Partnerships between teachers and fellows are formed at this time with strong consideration being made to input provided by both all parties

  • Where is the task description for the graduate fellows?

Aside from the training and classroom participation, graduate fellows are expected to develop and implement inquiry-based lessons, in partnership with their respective teacher, that are related to their own research. Typically, the teacher/fellow partners create and implement one such lesson each semester for use by their students. More information on the fellows’ task descriptions are provided during the interview process.

  • Where is the task description for the mentoring teachers?

Prospective teachers are provided with task descriptions when they request application information. Further details are provided during the June training workshop.