Lesson: Paleoecology

Author: Lydia Pyne

Area: Anthropology

Grade Level: 6-8


In this activity, students complete three stages of a “Research Cycle” as they work to explain how environments change over a period of time and what possible reasons might explain those changes.


Science as Inquiry

  • 1SC-E1:Defend conclusions drawn from analysis
  • 1SC-E2:Construct a model that demonstrates change within a system
  • Describe variables that cause change
  • Explain cause and effect of variables within a system
  • 1SC-E3:Construct a representation of data
  • Interpret patterns in collected data

History and Nature of Science

  • 2SC-E3:Analyze different theories to explain a phenomenon
  • Defend or refute the explanation of a phenomenon
  • 2SC-E4:Describe scientific processes: observing, relating, inferring, applying, etc.

Earth and Space Science

  • 6SC-E3:Compare and contrast the life and environmental conditions within
    geologic time periods.
 Lesson Plan (pdf/doc)
 Worksheet (pdf/doc)