Lesson: Dig In!!!Southwestern Archaeology Site

Author: Lydia Pyne

Area: Anthropology

Grade Level: 6-8

Overview: This project is designed to illustrate the differences between observations and inferences æ the project can be extended to creating and evaluating hypotheses based on the data gathered for students’ observations. This lesson will take 1.5-2 hours to complete.


      Science as Inquiry

  • 1SC-E1:Identify a question, formulate a hypothesis, predict outcomes, compare
    and analyze results, and defend conclusions.
  • 1SC-E2:Explain cause and effect variables within a system

       History and Nature of Science

  • 2SC-E4:Describe the following scientific processes: observing, communicating,
    comparing, organizing, relating, inferring, and applying
  • 2SC-E5:Describe how scientific theory, hypothesis generation and experimentation
    are interrelated
 Lesson Plan (pdf/doc)
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