Lesson: Stone Tool Technology

Author: Lydia Pyne

Area: Anthropology

Grade Level: 6-8

Overview: This project is designed to introduce units on science and technology by exploring prehistoric technology and forcing students to rethink misconceptions about what technology is. This project can also be used with archaeological or social science unit by describing the relationship between form and function of stone tools. This activity should take about 1-1.5 hours depending on the discussion that accompanies the activity.


  • 3SC-E3:Identify a specific need and propose a solution or product that addresses
    this need (this is done working backwards through time æ here, students see how form and function work together)
  • 3SC-P3:Compare and contrast the goals of science and technology
  • Describe the impact of technology
  • 3SC-E4: Implement a proposed solution or design and evaluate its merit
  • 3SC-E1: Recognize how scientific knowledge, thinking processes and skills are used in a great variety of careers
 Lesson Plan (pdf/doc)
 Student Worksheets (pdf/doc)
 Cover Sheet (pdf/doc)