Lesson: Tie Dye


Author: Rachel Morgan Theall

Discipline: Physical Sciences

Grade Level: High School

 Created in April 2003

 Duration: 9 days

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Overview: Students will be learning about dyes and fibers, how dyes and fibers interact, how to dye clothing, and designing an experiment to test the durability and fastness of the dye. Students should perform this lesson at the end of a full year of chemistry. Students must know and understand molecular structure and ionic and covalent bonds.

Keywords: Fibers, Dyes, Fastability, Durability


AZ State Science Standards: 
Strand 1: Inquiry Process

Concept 2: Scientific Testing (Investigating and Modeling)                            

Create and defend a written plan of action for a scientific investigation.

Concept 3: Analysis, Conclusions, and Refinements

Identify and refine a researchable question, conduct the experiment, collect and analyze data, share and discuss findings.

Strand 5: Physical Science

Concept 1: Structure and Properties of Matter

Predict chemical and physical properties of substances.


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