Lesson: What crushed the can?

Author: Amber Townsend

Discipline: Physical Sciences

Grade Level: 4-12

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 Duration: 45-90 minutes

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Overview: The students will make observations and hypothesize about why a soda can got crushed. They will learn about pressure and the effect of the pressure differences on the objects around us.

Keywords: Pressure, Pressure difference.



Arizona State Standard:

Strand 5: Physical Science

Concept 4: Chemical Reactions - Investigate relationships between reactants and products in chemical reaction 

Identify and predict what will change and what will remain unchanged when matter experiences an external force or energy change (e.g., boiling a liquid; comparing the force, distance and work involved in simple machines).

Strand 1: Inquiry Process

Concept 1: Observations, Questions and Hypothesis.

Identify a question, formulate a hypothesis, control and manipulate variables, devise experiments, predict outcomes, compare and analyze results, and defend conclusions.

Concept 3: Anaysis, Conclusions and Refinements

Identify and refine questions from previous investigations.

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